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Dentist Dental In Pattaya
  • Dr. John Taylor, Obstetrician and Gynecologist Adelaide, Australia


    Dentist Dental In PattayaNever in my life did I think I would say “What a pleasure it is to visit a dentist.”!

    As I approach 70 years of age, and having neglected and abused my teeth for many years, I made the decision to get my mouth properly assessed, and was appalled at the price offered in Australia. So, I asked some colleagues with whom I had worked in Pattaya who was the best in their area. Simultaneously they named Dr Ken Kasidis, whom I duly consulted nearly 4 years ago now.

    The first consultation took a couple of hours, and resulted in a rejuvenation plan for my mouth over several visits, all of which was emailed to me, and I had 2 extractions that evening to start the process. Those teeth had abscesses that required treatment before any implants could be considered.

    Over a series of visits I had multiple implants, a bone transplant and several separate crowns fitted, all using local anesthetic blocks, without any discomfort. I didn’t even feel the needles entering the mouth!

    When fitting the crowns to teeth and implants, Dr Kasidis is so fastidious! There were four crowns fitted to my left upper jaw in one sitting of four hours! Such is the attention to detail of his work. AND he is the only dentist ever who has not created tears at the corner of my somewhat small moth, even with long sessions of work. In the past that has always been a problem, making me very sore for 3 days after work on my teeth, one of the reasons I ignored them for so long.

    As well, I have always been able to arrange appointments by email, and hence manage my trips to and from Thailand with ease. The staff surrounding Dr Kasidis are all so polite, caring and helpful, making the whole teamwork so good. I almost feel as if I am part of the family when I present for an appointment! It is always a pleasure to be greeted so politely. Appointment times are made, and adhered to! I was given an apology once for Dr Kasidis running 5 minutes late at 7pm! Unheard of in Australia where no information is given even if the dentist is an hour late!

    I could not be more pleased with the quality of the work I have had done, and the quality of the service I have had provided at all levels, and will come back for all my dental needs, as will my family.

    Dr. John Taylor
    Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon
    Modbury Medical Centre
    Suite 5.83 Smart Road
    Modbury S.A. 5092
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Annette Brook, New Zealand


    Dentist Dental In PattayaI never thought I would ever say I enjoyed going to the dentist but this has been a pleasurable and painless experience with an amazing outfit come for me. I will go back to NZ feeling like a new woman with a lovely smile that makes me look younger and happier (yah!). The clinic is quiet and relaxing and a restful environment to have treatment. Dr Ken and his team are the loveliest, friendliest people you could meet and his girls even tried to teach me to speak Thai. I have to return in 6 months to finish the treatment and I am looking forward to that. The results have been better than I could have ever imagined and I am so grateful to Apple (my friend) for recommending Dr Ken to me. Thank you so much Dr Ken, Christine, Kavisara and all the girls for looking after me so well.
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Mr. Reginald Werner, UK


    Dentist Dental In PattayaDear Dr Ken Kasidis

    After I was recommended to you, I visited your excellent Ortho Smile website and as you know we exchanged several emails. Being very impressed with your responses and the qualifications of you and your team I decided to visit you.

    In England I was advised to have a single implant together with a crown and one bridged tooth. Whilst you said that this was possible, you suggested this might not be the best long term solution because the adjoining bone was probably damaged. If this was the case, then removing the two adjoining teeth and inserting two implants into healthy bone with two integrally bridged teeth would be a better and more permanent solution. True enough, following your x- ray examination it was clear that adjoining bone was partially damaged. As a result, I took the bold decision to have the two quite good teeth replaced with implants and two bridged teeth.

    When the day arrived for my three hour procedure I was, too say the least, very nervous! My fears proved to be completely groundless because you removed both teeth, inserted the implants and temporary bridge and with the medication you supplied, I felt no pain whatsoever apart from a slightly stiff neck. When you called me the next day too ask how I was feeling, I was pleased too tell you that i had not used any of your pain killers and felt no pain at all.

    During my follow up checks I was always reassured by your professional approach and thorough explanations. Eventually my new crowns with the bridge were very carefully fitted. I was immediately impressed with the appearance, colour and comfort of new teeth which felt completely natural, All of this at a very fair price. My wife and friends also commented on how good my new teeth looked.

    I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your outstanding skills and care and I feel lucky too have benefitted from them. My friend Per is equally thrilled with the new crown you fitted for him.
    Your reputation is thoroughly deserved and I will of course, continue to enthusiastically recommend you and your team to all of my friends.

    With very best wishes
    Reginald Warner
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Maureen Turner, UK


    Dentist Dental In Pattaya"I have just completed a complex treatment of extractions, immediate prosthesis, implants and the final placing of the entire dentition in my upper jaw. All my upper teeth had to be removed and replaced with an immediate prosthesis. Thereafter, Dr. Kasidis fitted me with an immediate upper denture whilst he fitted several implants. Since then, he has fitted an entire fixed upper jaw crown and bridgework.

    I am bound to say that the final effect is quite incredible: I now have a complete, fixed set of upper teeth which are utterly brilliant, and which have given me a realistically magnificent smile. My self-confidence in my appearance has been completely restored and I am entirely satisfied. I look good and I feel good -- and I eat well.

    The entire treatment was carried out under strictly non-painful conditions and I was assured at each stage of what was happening and why. There was a delicacy and sensitivity shown to me which I have not experienced before and which I am acknowledging now."Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Giorgio Segurini, Pattaya / Milano(Italia).


    Dentist Dental In Pattaya“Quando mi presentai dal Dr. Kasidis per cercare di rimediare allo stato di deterioramento dei miei denti, a causa di una scorretta igiene orale di gioventu’, non avrei immaginato una cosi’ perfetta riuscita della cura che mi permette ora gi guardare con serenita’ al mio futuro. Il Dr. Kasidis ha eseguito 4 impianti e ha ricostruito 12 nuove coperture, con un lavoro paziente e mettendomi a mio perfetto agio durante tutte le sedute. Desidero esprimere la mia riconoscenza e gratitudine al Dr. Kasidis e al Suo Team per l’ottimo lavoro eseguito.

    “ When I went to Dr. Kasidis to try to remedy to the grave deterioration of my teeth, due to an incorrect oral hygiene during my youth, I would not have imagined such a perfect result which now allows me to look at the future with serenity. Dr. Kasidis has executed 4 dental implants and reconstructed 12 new teeth, with a patient work putting me at full ease during all the dental sessions. I wish to express my thankfulness and gratitude to Dr. Kasidis and to his Team for the excellent work performed."

    Giorgio Segurini, Pattaya / Milano (Italy)Dentist Dental In Pattaya