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Dentist Dental In Pattaya
  • Michele Jackson / Australia


    Dentist Dental In PattayaI have recently had my smile fixed by Dr. Ken Kasidis and I could not be happier. I found Ken to be very caring and professional and I now have a beautiful natural smile again. I really
    appreciated his honesty when one of the implants failed, as I realise that he could have finished the implant and I would not have known I had a problem for some time to come. He did not charge me for the work he did or the rectification work which I really appreciated.

    I spent quite some time researching which dentist to use in Thailand and I am completely satisfied that I made the right choice and would recommend Dr. Ken Kasidis to anyone wanting to have dental work done overseas.

    Michele Jackson
    AustraliaDentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Owen O


    Dentist Dental In PattayaAloha Dr. Kasidis,

    Thank you for your excellent professionalism and fantastic work! Your workin repairing a very messy situation exceeded all expectations.
    The crowns feel natural and look great!

    Owen from Hawaii
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • Grace Nisbet, Australia


    Dentist Dental In PattayaThe dentists, the staff and everyone here are so happy, helpful caring professional and efficient.

    If you need dental work this is the only place to choose!

    Thanks for everything. See you next year.

    Grace Nisbet
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya

  • John Provines, USA


    Dentist Dental In PattayaI appreciate the professionalism from the entire staff of OrthoSmile. Everyone knows their job and does it well.
    I would recommend this organization to all my personal friends and family.

    John Provines
    Dentist Dental In Pattaya